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Proposal support

We offer comprehensive services, from requirements analysis to proposal strategy development, supporting color reviews, compliance reviews, and more. We provide coaching for oral presentations and technical challenges, ensuring a well-prepared team and a solid staffing approach.

Acquisition coaching

We help your organization better understand government contracting throughout the acquisition lifecycle. We provide coaching, training, and tactical support to help you and your team build the infrastructure and processes you need to succeed in government contracting.

Growth strategy

Our team specializes in combining expertise in government contracting processes with custom data analytics and research to help you improve your opportunity and partner pipelines. Along with landscape analysis, past performance evaluation, and strategic reviews, we focus on helping you choose the right approach so you don’t waste time and energy.

Solutions engineering

We believe that "showing, not telling" is the best way to succeed in government contracting. Through our unique combination of government experience and software development, we help prepare relevant demos and pitches, develop case studies, and manage artifacts, all aimed at crafting a strong, effective bid strategy.