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It’s incredibly important to us that we understand and appreciate the unique needs of the organizations we work with.

We’ve designed this questionnaire with exactly that in mind.

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Why the questionnaire?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service, and doing so requires that we understand your organization and what you hope to accomplish.

It’s equally important that you understand us. This questionnaire isn’t designed to give us all the answers—we can't know everything about you from a single form, phone call, or meeting; rather, it’s designed to help us begin a discussion, where both our team and yours are ready to ask the right questions and begin working together, in tandem.

Whether we feel TandemGov is the right fit for your company’s needs or not, we promise a call to anyone who fills out this questionnaire.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to complete the questionnaire, no problem! Just drop us a line at hello@tandemgov.com.

The basics
Understanding your company
What type of work does your company do (or want to do)?
Who are your target customers?
Have you done government contracting before? Federal, state, local — whatever!
Do you have a pricing strategy/structure?
Understanding your needs
What type of assistance are you looking for? Don't worry if you don't hit our sweet spots. There are lots of ways for us to support your needs.
What else can you tell us about the work you do, your customers, and your experiences?
Let's talk about confidence and comfort How do you feel about your current understanding of your needs and challenges, as well as your comfort working in the government contracting space?
The more you tell us, the more we'll know. We want to understand your sweet spots as well as your experience. Don't feel like writing it all out? No worries! Just give us the highlights and we'll discuss.
In particular, what do you need (or want) to be good at that you're not today?
Please tell us as much as possible about your team — including the number of both full-time employees and contractors, as well as the types of roles you staff. This will help us ask the right questions relative to your capacity.
What you become depends a lot on the decisions you make today. This is especially true in government contracting, where victories often set long-term decisions in motion. We want to help you go after the right work today, so you're the company you want to be tomorrow.
Let's be real. Things don't always go to plan. Assuming we do start working together, how would you recognize failure three months down the road?
Just a few more questions!
And why us?
Have you talked to other consultants about your needs?
Please provide your contact preference and details. Ideally, this would include your phone number, email, and best time to reach you. (We find that providing your time zone can also help things along.)